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Albums / Publicaties / Deepening, Broadening and Scaling up. A framework for steering transition experiments. Suzanne van den Bosch and Jan Rotmans (2008).

Als voorproefje op haar proefschrift, schreef Suzanne van den Bosch in 2008 samen met Jan Rotmans een conceptueel boekje over 'verdiepen, verbreden en opschalen' (te downloaden via deze link).

"This essay presents a conceptual framework for analyzing and influencing the contribution of smallscale experiments to transitions towards a more sustainable society. This framework is aimed at providing academics and practitioners with a theoretical and practice oriented perspective to both understand and ‘steer’ the contribution of experiments to transitions.

The central instrument in this framework are ‘transition experiments’, which provide an alternative approach to classical innovation projects that are aimed at realizing short-term solutions. A transition experiment is an innovation project with a societal challenge as a starting point for learning aimed at contributing to a transition. First we elaborate on the origin and context of transition experiments. We define what distinguishes a transition experiment from classical innovation experiments and develop process- and substancecriteria for a successful transition experiment. We then build upon the sustainability transition literature by identifying three central mechanisms through which experiments contribute to transitions: deepening (learning as much as possible in a specific context), broadening (linking and repeating in different contexts) and scaling up (embedding the experiment in -new- dominant ways of thinking, doing and organizing).

The framework has been partly applied in different transition experiments in the Netherlands (in the mobility and healthcare sector). These examples illustrate how the developed concepts and guidelines enable concrete recommendations and actions for steering transition experiments. This type of steering includes more than only managing internal aspects of an innovation project, it is also about managing interactions between projects, managing interactions between the experiment or niche and the broader societal context (regime) and managing interactions between the experiment and developments in the landscape."